What Are Third Party Fees (Also Known As Disbursements)?

Third party fees are funeral charges made by a third party that require payment in advance if a funeral service taking place.

These third-party fees are paid by us prior to the funeral service taking place and will then be charged to you when we invoice after the service.

We could not list every third-party fee as the list is very extensive but we have listed some of the basic third-party fees below.

Basic Third Party Fees

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Minister/Celebrant from £200
Doctor’s Fees

Due to current covid-19 regulations only one doctor is completing cremation forms. Therefore, only one doctor’s fee is payable at £82.00. This will be until further notice.


Church Fees

(All church fees vary depending on the church. We would be able to give costs at the time of an arrangement or funeral plan being taken out with us).


Cremation fees Please see all local crematorium and their fees on our home page and under our ‘Service Venues’ tab.
Cemetery fees

Please see our local Cemetery fees under our ‘Service Venues’ tab.

Download Third-Party Fees as PDF