Moore’s Traditional Funeral Directors

Moore’s Traditional Funeral Directors are truly independent and family run. We pride ourselves with the standard of care and personal service that only a private company can provide. Being independent and family run, we have the time to spend with you to discuss your personal requirements for the funeral service. This can either be done in our offices or in the privacy of your own home.

Each of our funeral homes have a private Chapel of Rest where you can spend time with your loved one.

Moore's Traditional Funeral Directors - Funeral Procession

The Principal Funeral Directors at Moore’s Traditional Funeral Directors are Leslie Wigman and Natalie Pantry.

Nowadays it can be difficult to find a truly independent funeral director, many local funeral directors that may appear to be independent are in fact owned by national co-operatives or American companies where your loved one is cared for by employees of the company. You may wish to clarify the position of your Funeral Director before choosing the right people to care for your loved one. Moore’s Traditional Funeral Directors is truly independent and family run. Every family that Moore’s cares for is personally overseen and attended to by Leslie.

Leslie has been engaged in the caring professions for forty years and has specialised in end of life care and bereavement care for many years. Some years ago Leslie developed his vocation by taking over the long established Michael J Moore Funeral Services after Mr Moore retired. Through Leslie’s sound guidance and directorship and strong sense of personal ethos to provide the best possible care and attention for your loved one Moore’s has rightly flourished, with the opening another two branches in Southbourne and Havant. Says Leslie “I endeavour always to do the same for others loved ones as I would wish for my own.”

Why choose an independent funeral director?

Part of the Community: We have a unique responsibility to carry on the family tradition and to provide a truly personal and dignified service. The independent funeral profession has a long and proud history of personal service to the local communities. Carrying on the family tradition is a way of life for many independent funeral directors.

At Moore’s we are deeply committed to upholding professional standards and take pride and care in everything we do.